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Our Vision

The LESA Delaware sub-branch is a vibrant and dedicated community, with 15 registered members. Our members reside in the three states separated by the Delaware River: Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
Our sub-branch is grounded in the core values of faith, family, community, hard-work, health and fitness.

Hosts of the LESA USA 2015 Convention and AGM!
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Executive Members

President - Ella Nkemta
Secretaries of Organization and documentation- Mispa Ajua-Alemanji and Emily Makor
Secretary of Treasury: Bern Mubang
Secretary of Communication, Membership,Social and Marketing: Mrs Maggie Awahmukalah
Secretary of Strategic Planning and Projects: Mrs Feli Ateghang-Tangwe

Our Activities

The LESA Delaware sub-branch holds luncheon meetings to encourage attendance and participation by families.
In addition, we are proud of the many activities we have successfully executed as a sub-branch. These include:
Ÿ Donating ten lap-top computers to our alma mater, Our Lady of Lourdes Secondary School.
Ÿ Providing a monetary donation to SHESA Delaware for the SHESA Jubilee
Ÿ Leading and coordinating the Sports and Exercise events at the 2011 LESA USA convention
Ÿ Collating and publishing a diet-book, led by Nagella Nukuna
Ÿ Executing a very successful pedometer drive, selling 400 pedometers
Ÿ Organizing a free Park Party with fun and games for the Cameroonian community in Delaware

In the Community

LESA Delaware members are actively engaged in service to the community of Delaware.
Ÿ LESA Delaware co-founded the African Choir at St. Cecilia’s in Delaware; a LESAN husband, Ajua Alemanji now provides musical support for this outstanding choir
Ÿ Mrs Irene Saah, LESA Delaware member led the founding of the Delaware branch of the Catholic Women’s Association, and now serves as President of the organization.
LESA Delaware members have participated in a breast cancer walk, and in a heart health marathon, supporting these great causes.

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