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Our Vision

The LESA New England sub-branch is a small up and coming group, with 10 registered members. Our vision was to have a branch that includes Lesans in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Vermont but at this moment, all our members reside in Massachusetts. Our sub-branch is grounded in the core values of faith, family and community building.

Executive Members

President: Alma-Beatrice Teguia
ŸSecretary and Treasurer: Cinta Foncha Akinwande

Our Activities

The LESA New England sub-branch holds dinner meetings and encourages attendance and family participation.
LESA New England is known within the Cameroonian Community in New England for our annual memorable Valentine’s Day event which is also our main fundraising activity.

In the Community

LESA New England supports other Catholic organizations in the area such as SOBA and Birocolexa.
ŸLESA New England members have participated in the Boston area Sickle-cell walk supporting research in the disease.

LESA USA Branches

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