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Our Vision

LESA Virginia seeks to be a welcoming alumni association committed to fostering a rich faith tradition of sisterhood in a peaceful and cohesive environment, through opportunities for social interaction,career growth, faith development, and community involvement while supporting the college.

Executive Members

President: Chantal Abonge
Vice President: Laura Minang Buhnange
Secretary: Prosper Ndifor
PRO: Amuh Dinka
Treasurer: Adeline Mzeka

Our Activities

Conference calls are held monthly while face to face meetings are held every quarter

Visit us at www.lesava.org

In the Community

LESA VA supported The Cameroon Catholic Community Youth Choir by attending mass and a singing presentation on May 01st 2011 at the Nativity Catholic Church in Burke, Virginia.
The support was in aid of raising funds for a pilgrimage mission the Youth Choir was planning to Madrid, Spain

LESA USA Branches

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