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LESA USA Connect: Our Tools

LESA USA has created tools to help its members live an enriched live  with the support of fellow LESAns.

Our Leadership tool will help us develop, mentor and provide training and leadership opportunities for our members to attain a most valuable skill and asset and grow into our leaders of tomorrow.

Our Spiritual Resources are intended to lay down the structure and build a strong spirit which LESAns need to fend off the selfish and eccentric values and moral decadence permeating our community. An annual calendar, a program of events and linkages built with our local church communities, will address these concerns and present alternative options. However, we must remember that saints are made of people who do ordinary things in an extraordinary way. That’s the culture LESAns strive to cultivate.

Our networking and mentoring tool is a response to the challenges individual LES and LESAns face on a daily basis; joblessness, making career choices, enriching their professional lives, isolation and loneliness, child care, difficult family and love relationships etc. Our belief is that a LES or LESAn should not go through life’s perils alone. We intend to provide that buffer or cushion you can rely on, to build a bridge to a solution that is just a minute away; but above all we shall do it with respect to human dignity and concern for the individual right to choose her lifestyle.

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