Egusi pudding

Egusi pudding

Blended pumpkin seeds mixed with delicious condiments, wrapped in plantain leaves and steamed. Common in different parts of West Africa especially Cameroon


Boil dry meat, or dry fish, with spices and seasonings as desired. Use enough water because you will need the broth to mix the egusi. Grind egusi to a fine, soft powder. Pour the meat and broth into the egusi pudding and mix until you have a fine paste
to a cake mixture consistency Optionally beat in eggs or boil eggs and slice and add to the mixture Wrap paste in plantain leaves or foil Cook in a steam pot till done for about 45 mins to 1 hour. Cool for about 10 mins and serve with plantain or other starch
1 serving is Egusi pudding (1 bundle 4 inches by 7 inches

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