koki corn

koki corn

Koki corn is a very delicious meal made from fresh sweet corn and condiments served in some West African countries.


Directions 1. Drain the liquid completely from 3 cans of whole corn; 2. Drain HALF the liquid from the other 3 cans of whole corn; Pour all of the corn into the mixing bowl. 3. Add the cream corn to the whole corn 4. Blend the corn in a blender; Do not
crush the corn; rather pulse for 30 second intervals 5. Finely chop the onion and add to the mixture 6. Stir in the Salt and Maggi™ 7. Beat the eggs and add to the mixture 8. Add in the melted palm oil and then the vegetable oil. 9. Mix in the spinach. Mix
well and taste to ensure that the seasoning is right. 10. Place a large steam pot on the stove. Line with two layers of sturdy tin foil 11. Add water to the pot UNDERNEATH the foil lining. Turn on the stove 12. Section off square pieces of tin foil (about
10” by 10”). Grease tin foil pieces with vegetable oil 13. Using a serving spoon, scoop the mixture onto the greased tin foil. Do not over fill. Fold over and tighten the edges 14. Place in the bundles in the lined pot. Criss cross the bundles to allow

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