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History: Who We Are

LESA USA is a proud branch of LESA, the Association of Our Lady of Lourdes Ex Students who reside in the United States of America.

The first batch of Lourdes students graduated in 1968. In 1971, under the stewardship of Reverend Sr. Mary Hewson, then principal of Lourdes and Mrs. Fohtung Hortensia Ngang, LESA - Lourdes Ex-Students Association was born in Bamenda, Cameroon. The first Chairman of LESA was Ms Rose Ngente. The current National President of LESA is Rev Sr Grace Ngu. The National Annual General meeting was formed and has been meeting every year in February as close to the Feast Day of Our Lady of Lourdes as possible.

LESA has since grown exponentially and in 1991 under the guidance of Ms Tizah Nchami Anjeh, Ex-students of Our Lady of Lourdes residing in the USA took up the challenge to set up a LESA branch in the US; resulting in the birth of LESA USA in the Fall of 1992, with her first president as Dr. Emma Osong. Today, LESA USA is proud to collaborate with her sister branches worldwide such as LESA UK, LESA Canada, LESA Nigeria and her mother branch, LESA Cameroon, who continues to nurture, guide and  direct us as we explore the LESA vision together in Unity, Love and Service.

Since our Launching in 1992, we continue to hold a Regional Annual General meeting (AGM) in June when we all in the USA come together, reassess our present, plan our future but most importantly, re-live and reminisce the good old days as sister-friends within the gates of Our Lady of Lourdes. The following cities have been hosts to LESA USA AGM; Washington, Baltimore, Atlanta, Dallas, Minneapolis, Virginia and Houston who this year hosted our Fireside Party to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of our Alma Mater.

Led by the current President Ms Samantha Ngu, LESA in the USA prides herself with over 150 members making up six branches namely; LESA Dallas, LESA Baltimore, LESA Virginia, LESA Delaware, LESA Houston and LESA New England.

Our activities are guided by the LESA Objectives and Motto of Unity, Love and Service. We have developed guiding tools such as an Ecclesiastical tool, which will addresses the spiritual concerns of our membership, the Network and mentoring tool, which will empower members to make informed choices about their deeper and emotional needs and a Leadership tool. We will work with the wider LESA organization and the community to respond to the needs of our Alma Mater and some underprivileged communities. One of such philanthropic deed is the LESA water project that provided running water to the students of the college. An accomplishment we hold dear and appreciate our donors for their generosity.

Our history provides the platform for a proud LESA USA branch built on rocks stronger than the oceans, with walls and doors that are open to any LES with the will and the heart to belong. To this, we pay homage to the visionaries of Our Lady of Lourdes College and dove our hearts to our sisters who laid the founding stone for the creation of Lourdes Ex-students Association.
As we look back at our humble beginnings within the gates of Lourdes with Praise and Thanksgiving, we take pride in our globally well-designed LESA ship that promotes commitment, love, loyalty, achievement and sisterhood.

--------------Long live LESA USA,    Long Live LESA -----------------

LESA USA branches:
  1. Baltimore
  2. Dallas 
  3. Delaware
  4. Houston  
  5. New England
  6. Virginia 

On June 08th 2013, during the AGM meeting in Houston, the members elected in the new LESA USA Executive, taking over from the Interim Executive Committee that was installed by Archbishop Cornelius Esua in Bamenda in Jan 2013. Since then the subsequent executives have continued to rebuild LESA USA and make it into a strong sisterhood and an enviable alumni association.

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