Claire Minang

(Active Member)
Class of: 1986
Now lives in: Houston
Current LESA USA Branch: Houston
Current Profession: Pharmacist
City: Houston, US
Dormitory: Immaculata

Claire Minang resides in Houston, Texas with her husband, Peter Minang and their three sons, Allen, Brandon and Allen. Claire graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater with a B.Sc in Biology and a Minor in Biochemistry. She then attended Mankato State University, Minnesota, where she graduated with an M.Sc in Microbiology. She taught science in High school for 4 years before enrolling in the University of Houston College of Pharmacy where she graduated with a Pharm D in 2004.
Claire is an Independent Pharmacy owner and together with her husband, they own and operate two Pharmacies.
Claire enjoys family time and outdoor activities such as biking, swimming, dancing and playing Tennis.

Love, Unity and Service

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