Judith Mbuy Nwana

(LESA USA President Emeritus and Adviser 1)
Class of: 1986
Now lives in: Fairfax, VA
Current LESA USA Branch: Virginia
Current Profession: Management and Finance
City: Fairfax, US
Dormitory: Bernadette

Judith resides in Fairfax, Virginia, USA, with her husband, Gerald Feh Nwana, and daughters Tema and Remka. She left Lourdes in 1986 (Pacesetters).
Graduated from Enugu State University in Nigeria with a B.Eng (Hon) in Civil Engineering, earned an MSc in Civil and Structural Engineering at the University of Sheffield in the UK and then an MBA from London Business School.
Her career has spanned technical and management roles within the telecoms and financial sectors. She is currently the Lead for Links Vendor and Contract Management at the World Bank Group in DC. Her hobbies include travelling, soccer, movies and an avid fan of F1 motor racing.

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