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Jan 03 - 05, 2013 Bamenda:Our Lady of Lourdes College Golden Jubilee Celebrations.

Day Thirty Eight of Lent: Amazing Grace


Day Thirty Eight of Lent: Amazing Grace

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Happy Friday. We thank God for another day of favor. In the first reading from the book of Jeremiah, the plot to eliminate Jesus becomes obvious. I cannot imagine what I would have done if i had to face this sort of terror but nevertheless, Jesus placed his TOTAL TRUST on the LORD. Why did Jesus not face his enemies head on?
Vengeance belongs to the Lord even though we do not endorse this in Today's world. We all strive to hit back when we have disagreements. Let us follow the example of Jesus when faced with issues.
In the Gospel of today, Jesus is using logic rather than faith to respond to the Jews. When they try to stone him to death, he says that he has done good works, not criminal acts. He asks them which of these good works are crimes worthy of execution. They say they are condemning him not for his good works but for his blasphemy, which is a capital offence: He says he is God. He does not deny that he said it, but says that their own scriptures support his statement. They have no basis for their condemnation. On the other hand, He is not saying they have to believe him or believe in him, they only have to follow their own scriptures. Do we need prove to verify the power of God in Today's world? How many tines have you experienced the power of God in your life?.
As we round up our 40 days and also meditate on the Stations of the cross, let us try to seek God more and more in our lives because he is the only one who deserves all our praises.

The Readings:  Jeremiah 20:10-13; Psalm 18:2-7; John 10:31-42


Heavenly father, you have shown us your fidelity and made us a new creation by your passion.keep us from falling again into sin and Help us to deny ourselves today, and not deny those in need.  Grant us freedom from the heavy burdens of sin that weigh us down and keep us far from you. May these last days of Lent remind us of your Love for us and enable us to be repentant. We pray especially for those who need your grace and courage to do what is right. Father,bless us all and  make us grow in your love by loving one another. May prayers not go void in Jesus name.

Amazing Grace.
May this song remind us that but for the Lord, we would not be here today. May we as Christians find our way back to the Lord if we are lost. May the Amazing Grace enable us to work towards a peaceful world where there is genuine Love which is Christlike.

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