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Jan 03 - 05, 2013 Bamenda:Our Lady of Lourdes College Golden Jubilee Celebrations.

Day Thirty One of Lent: Above All Powers


Day Thirty One of Lent: Above All Powers

Hello brothers and sisters,

In the first reading from the book of wisdom, the scripture sounds hateful and we can conclude that the hate filled statement is from someone with a heart full of anger  at the goodness of God and HIS desire to help people ." With revilement and torture let us put him to the test  that we may have proof of his gentleness and try his patience.Let us condemn him to a shameful death;for according to his own words, God will take care of him." The passage is quite upsetting that one would expect an immediate  reaction from God to prove that Jesus was his son but again,God's ways are not our ways. “When the just cry out, the Lord hears them, and from all their distress he rescues them.”“Many are the troubles of the just man, but out of them all the Lord delivers them.” from the above passage, we learn to trust God, to have faith, to live according to the teachings of Jesus. We all come to that point in life when we might not understand certain things but must still TRUST GOD while maintaining hope that the situation will be resolved and God's goodness will prevail.
In the Gospel, “…he did not wish to travel in Judea, because the Jews were trying to kill him.” How ever Jesus still ventured into a scary place, so as to share his message with others.  They tried to arrest him but no one could because the hour had not come. This is a reminder to us all that  “With God all things are possible” and “If God has brought me to this, God will bring me through it”.
Sometimes, we just go through one trial after the other. Sometimes our faith is challenged and we are so shaken but we must always remember that we can do all things through Christ who is the source of our strength. May we all remain strong regardless of the challenges we might be facing. God's time is the best and he will never leave nor forsake us.


Heavenly father,we come before today acknowledging the many times we have failed to accept you as Lord and savior.As a loving father, you still have never forsaken us but you continue to shower us with your love,patience and above all, forgiveness. The hour is getting near when you would be handed over like a common criminal for our sake yet you will bear the shame because you came into the world for that purpose.May we not take you for granted but may we show repentance for all our sins and accept you as Lord and savior.Our world is troubled,our lives are troubled and we are living in world full of uncertainties. May we continue to focus on that which is important and that which will gain eternal salvation for us in Jesus name we pray Amen.
The Readings:  Wisdom 2:1a, 12-22; Psalm 34; John 7:1-2, 10, 25-30

Song..Above all Powers.
While Jesus was handed to be crucified, he never retaliated because he came to wash away our sins. may this song remind us of that Love.

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