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Jan 03 - 05, 2013 Bamenda:Our Lady of Lourdes College Golden Jubilee Celebrations.

LESA USA East Coast branches celebrate Lourdes Feast Day Feb 16


It was a memorable gathering.

LESA Delaware hosted LESA USA East Coast branches on Feb 16 to celebrate Our Lady of Lourdes Feast Day. There was representation from LESA Virginia, LESA Baltimore, LESA Delaware, LESA Yaounde and LESA Bamenda (the mother branch).

The day was kicked off with a heavenly mass led by Ann Seton African Choir with our own very VP Mispa Alemanji directing the choir and Ella a member. LESA USA and her National President, Mrs Judith Nwana, were introduced by the Parish Priest and welcomed by the community at the start of Mass. LESANs did a special offertory procession. The singing was out of this world. At the end of mass we prayed at our Lady's statue, took pictures and mingled with the parishioners.

Mass was followed by an intimate reception in one of the Church halls. The tables had our dormitory theme colors, yellow, blue, red and green. The Bernadette table was short of seats; there was full representation on the other hand Fatima could barely say present. Food and drinks were served, we were joined by our guests and the Parish Priest joined us to say a few words. He asked to be proud of our education from Lourdes and that we were a great representation of that school.

Our own very husband, Prince Alemanji, was the DJ to die for. We took off our shoes and danced our hearts out. Bernadette girls won the dance competition although Diane representing Baltimore stole the show. Exchange of Valentine's gifts was an exciting affair as ladies giggled and laughed when they found whom they had picked and who picked them. Rosemary made a special presentation to the Golden Girl, Sis Maggie, who was in the house; she gave her a relic from Mother Theresa's shrine all the way from India.

LESA Baltimore announced that celebrations will be taking place this year to mark their 10th anniversary. This will be kicked off by a bus trip to Atlantic City on April 26th ($40 per head). Check for details on our website.

As the dancing continued, those who had a long journey home started to leave. It was a wonderful day and we lok forward to Dallas 2014.

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