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Jan 03 - 05, 2013 Bamenda:Our Lady of Lourdes College Golden Jubilee Celebrations.

Update from Lourdes Golden Jubilee Launch in B'da, Jan 28


Click here to enjoy pictures received so far! More pictures are being added as we receive them.

Full story below from Co-chair of Publicity Committee!

The Golden Jubilee Mass began this morning at exactly 9.15am with chief celebrant- His Grace Cornelius Fontem Esua together with Rev Fr. George Ngwa, Rev. Fr. Michael Bibi, Rev. Dr Andrew Nkea and a host of other priests.

The Lourdes students thrilled us all as usual with music from those Angelic voices that went straight to the heart.

The seven page homily delivered by His Grace Cornelius Fontem Esua left no one indifferent especially the Lesans to whom he directed a fair share of his message. Stay tuned for a copy of this precious message in my next update.

At the end of mass precisely before the final blessings, meritorious students received their awards from the Chair of the PTA- Mrs Grace Mary Forba. Miss Vanessa Mankefor got the best price for GCE A'levels....25 points in Georgraphy, Economics, Mathmatics (Arts) and all round best student in Cameroon. First of its kind and coming from OLLC. Indeed Lourdes College you are Blessed.

Real business started immediately after mass- The Fundraising for the construction of 4 staff Apartments to be delivered as a Golden Jubilee gift come January 2013.

After listening to the Chair of the Steering Committee, the Governor of the North West Region who was also on his maiden visit to the college delivered a powerful speech and started the fundraising followed by his entourage. The Traditional Rulers were ably represented by our very own landlord His Royal Highness Fon Angwafor 111 of Mankon.

Our chief Launcher for this occasion Mr Njong Eric and wife were surely never going to disappoint our lady of Lourdes College. Dr Asheri Kilo represented the Prime Minister and Head of Government, Minister of Culture and other Privilege invitees from the Capital (Yaounde) who were unavoidably absent. The launching of the Golden Jubilee fabric and other gadgets / souvenirs was done by one of ours Mrs Bernice Mengot, Mrs Anne Nkwain Nsang and sisters. A host of parents and other special invitees were definitely not going to be left out.

Oh yes, and then the Lesans, for doing what they know how to do best...............!! Leaving your busy schedules and travelling from far and near....Thank you Lesans, you truly made your Alma Mater  proud.

How can I forget Rev Dr Andrew Nkea, Yah Gladys Viban, Mrs Anne Nkwain Nsang for a making sure no one returned home with any cash in their pockets. Oh Fr. Nkea, thank you for ensuring no one talked of their widows mite and everything being million..million.

Truly, the vraies choses viennent de commencer like I promised you all. Driving out of Our Lady of Lourdes College at 5.00pm this evening, we were at ............pause............pause.........51 plus Million and still counting...!!!.

To whom that much is given, much is expected. This is the beginning of a great journey for Our lady of Lourdes College.

The Fundraising will now continuous with the Cavaran moving from one Region to another in Cameroon spearheaded by all stakeholders ( Students, Ex-Students, Parents and Teachers) of this prestigious institution.

Our sisters in the Diaspora, we know you all are gearing up big time for your various fundraising events. Well done in advance for we know what stuff you are made of.

Finally, To the Principal Sr. Ndidi, the school Administration and your tireless students, the last one week will surely not be forgotten in a long time to come. Hard work surely always pays. Success can only breathe success!! Great stuff Sr.

Well Done............!!! Bonne Nuit!!

Mrs Yvonne Monekosso ( For the Publicity Committee)

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