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1. Scholarships to Students of the School (ongoing)

Full 5 year scholarships were given to three students in 2014 based on need and academic excellence totaling $15,500. This will enable students whom otherwise would not have had the chance to have a full secondary school education to achieve that dream. Their performance will be evaluated each year to ensure they are maintaining the required standards. The fees for the past year have been approved for payment. To make a donation to this project click here Donate and for project select student scholarships.  

2. Fundraising for the Holy Rosary Sisters: founders, members of staff and administrators of Our Lady of Lourdes College (ongoing) 

The Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary also known as the Killeshandra nuns, are the missionaries who had the vision to open and start Our Lady of Loudres College in Bamenda and other gilrs sschoools in Africa; we are the fruits of their labour. They not only founded the schools but were and are currently members of staff and administrators of those schools. In recent years a lot of them have retired back to Ireland with no benefits and nothing to call their own after all of their lives for the care of others. To help with their accommodation back in Ireland, the sisters had to take a loan to renovate their convent so they could live out a descent retirement life. The Sisters are asking for help in paying that loan off. LESANs in the US are collaborating with other ex-students of the Holy Rosary Sisters to help with this fundraising. In May 2015, in collaboration with OPSANs, Owerri Girls, QRC Onitsha and QUROC Sierra Leone, we raised over $70,000 and still counting. Thanks for your generous donations. This is a continuous process and we are keeping the fundraising going. Target is $4million.To make a donation click here Donate and for project select Holy Rosary Sisters. 

3. Water and Sanitation Project for the School, Our Lady of Lourdes College

As part of the larger LESA USA group from 2007 to 2009, we built a new water collection system for the school and installed new sanitation facilities. Project cost over $100,000. Maintenance is ongoing, so to help click here Donate and for project select Infrastructure and Renovations. 

4. Our Lady of Lourdes Staff Quarters Upgrade and Gate Refurbishment    

Our Lady of Lourdes Secondary School had grown in leaps and bounds in student population within the last decade to almost a thousand students. It was paramount and urgent for the immediate focus of stakeholders towards the security and safety of the students. In 2013, Lourdes College celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. It is 50 years of academic excellence for girls in Cameroon. The staff residence was sub-standard and ill-equipped and could only house (a couple) of staff members.            
The ex-students of Our Lady of Lourdes took on the task to upgrade the existing staff quarters to house at least 10 more faculty on campus who to ensure the security of the students on campus. The goal was to surround the campus with multiple units around the various dormitories to guarantee at least a couple of staff members in charge of each student dormitory. The school gate was also be refurbished and made more secure. Student population approaching 1000 for both the secondary and high school. 

This project was estimated at $105,000 or XCFA 50 000 000. LESAN’s across the globe worked collectively to raise these funds. We thank you for your benevolent support in helping us attain this goal. LESANs' track record for successful and sustainable projects in Lourdes speaks for itself.

We donated $15,000 for this project.  

5. Equipping the Cookery Lab

As part of LESA's Golden jubilee gifts to the school, LESA USA funded the purchase of ten gas cookers (four gas burners) for the cookery lab to the tune of $4,000. The cookery lab was in dire need of new and additional equipment. This addition hopefully will help the students study better and get better results.

6. Jubilee Gift to the Holy Rosary Sisters

Also as part of LESA's Golden jubilee gifts, we donated $2,000 as a gift to the Holy Rosary Sisters in Ireland to help with their upkeep and retirement.           


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