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Our Spiritual Resources are intended to increase membership knowledge and strengthen our Christian faith while enhancing our ability to identify and keep at bay the disguised evil forces that may threaten our values and beliefs. It serves as an informal instrument to facilitate the creation of an amicable environment for active involvement in, and service to the local Christian community. To many members, the LESAn community might represent the only Christian group accessible and potentially available for any fellowship.


  • To ensure continuity in our Christian teaching and to fortify Christian values in LESANS through the organization of group discussions and presentation of salient faith topics at the sub-branch levels

  • To increase awareness to the Spirituality of LESA, a Marian Group (our Motto: UNITY, LOVE AND SERVICE) through periodic conference calls, write ups and debates on issues of faith development

  • To promote Devotion to Our Lady of Lourdes (Our Mother / Patron) by developing a liturgical Marian calendar for the current year

  • To dedicate LESAns to Our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary (Our Lady of Lourdes/Our Patron and Mother)

  • To identify at branch levels Chaplains to serve as spiritual counselors/directors for individual LESAns  in matters of faith. To provide a local forum for LESAns to contribute to the building of the  Universal Church

Chaplain, Rev. Michael Neba PhD, Archdiocese of Chicago

LESA USA 2015/2016 Liturgical Calendar coming soon!



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