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Leadership Development

We aim to reach out to all members of our organization, encouraging and helping to develop good and effective leaders at all levels and in all facets of our organization.
Our goal is to encourage and motivate members of this organization and get them excited once more about the benefits of being a good leader, some of which will include:

  • Improving interpersonal skills

  • Service to our community in various capacities

  • Personal and professional growth through active involvement in projects and partnerships

  • Networking and learning from other community leaders

  • Sow and reap. Part of building great relationships involves recognizing that there are times in life, careers and relationships when you want to invest and give without expecting anything in return. There are also times such as crises or great opportunities when you should focus on reaping the returns of what you have sown

Our Series:

The Leadership Development Team

  • Ms Emelia Kah Makor - Class of 1999
  • Ms Maureen S. Nkwenti - Class of 1996
  • Ms Eni Ella Nkemta - Class of 1996

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